What are Cliently Credits?

Learn about Cliently credits, where and how you can use them

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Focus: The focus of this public FAQ/Self Help guide is to provide you an overview and details about Cliently “Credits”.

What are Cliently “Credits”?: Credits are Cliently’s in-app currency.

How can I use “Credits”?:  Every action you take inside of Cliently is either FREE or costs a specific number of credits:

  • Sending a Handwritten Note - Using Cliently’s Flows and Instant Actions, you can Create a Handwritten Note by selecting the action, authoring a personalized message, and adding a return address. Sending a Handwritten reduces 5 credits from your account.

  • Sending a Postcard - Using Cliently’s Flows and Instant Actions, you can send a custom personalized physical postcard to your client's company or home address. Sending a postcard reduces 1 Credit for USA (United States) based addresses OR 2 Credits for International (any country outside of the United States) addresses. 

  • Sending a Gift - When using Cliently’s Flows and Instant Actions, you can Create a Gift by selecting a gift card, authoring a personalized message, and adding a return address. Sending a gift card will reduce a specific amount of credits based on the denomination of the gift card +8 additional credits. 

For more information on our pricing plans and how many credits are included in each plan, see our “Pricing page”.

Step 1: Accessing your Credits: At any time, you can check the amount of credits you have in your account by visiting your Settings and selecting the Team Members tab. You can also contact us by the red help button if you would like to purchase more credits.

If you are on the Dashboard, you can click on the profile icon on the top right, then click on “Team & Permissions”.

Step 2: Account Credits, Team Credits and allocating credits to team members: We now have Cliently Credits allotted to our Account. The next step is to assign these Credits to the Team and then to individual Users within the account in order to start accepting leads, sending direct mail items, etc. You will need to visit your Settings and select the Team Members tab.

Step 2-A: Account Credits: Account Credits are the total amount of Credits, also the same number found in Settings > Team Members. Now we can start allocating them out to our Team. In this example, we start with 50 Credits.

Step 2-B: Team Credits. Next, we need to assign Account Credits to your Team Credits. We need to do this, as you might have multiple workspaces in your account. A workspace is a separate entity of Cliently and can you have different team members/personas in each workspace. Learn more about using Cliently workspaces.

To add Team Credits, Click on the 0 above Team Credits, type in the number  you wish to allocate, then press “Enter” on your keyboard to SAVE the change. In this example, we have moved 10 Accounts Credits down to Team Credits within the Cliently workspace.

Step 2-C: Allocating Team Credits to Team members: Our last step is to now allocate the Team credits to our Users/Team Members. You will locate your team member, click on the number under the “Credits Remaining” column, type in the number of Team Credits you wish to allocate to this individual and press “Enter” on your keyboard to SAVE the change. In this example, we have provided 5 Team Credits to “James”. This leaves us with 5 unassigned Team Credits, which can be added to other team members or saved for future use. 

Step 3: Easy Access to number of Credits. From anywhere inside of Cliently you can review the number of credits remaining for your specific Cliently login. Your user Credits can be seen in the upper right corner of your screen at all times. 

If you are using Dashboard, you can review then number of credits you have, found on the bottom left.

Congratulations! You now ready to Accept Leads and Send Postcards, Handwritten Notes and Gifts! 

Need Help? If you need any help with Cliently Credits, please login to your Cliently Account and click on the red “Help/Chat” icon found on the bottom right side of your screen.

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