What are Cliently “Find Leads?”: Cliently Find Leads section is used to Find new leads using Cliently’s Global searchable database with more than 50+Million Records, add them into “Deals” and start communicating with them using Cliently Flows.

To Accept Leads – Use Cliently Credits – In order to Accept Leads from the Cliently searchable database, you must have “Cliently Credits”.   Adding leads cost .60 credits each. 

Step 1: Searching Leads in the Cliently Company Database. Our first steps is to find the “Find Leads” Section. Locate the icon on the left side bar and click on “Find Leads”. Next, click on “Company Database” to access your searches and filters to search.

If you are on the Dashboard, click on the Find Leads icon on the left.

Step 2: Search Filters. Next, we will review all the filters you can use in order to Search the Cliently’s company database. To use specific filters, click on each filter.

  • Direct Phone Only - If checked, leads will only show if they contain a direct phone number.
  • Company Name Filter - Allows you to search by Company Name. This is an open search field.
  • Person Name - Allows you to search by a Person’s Name. This is an open search field.
  • Job Title Filter - Allows you to search by a specific job title, such as “Chief Executive Officer” when using quotes around the words, otherwise it will be an open search and show leads with any word in the search criteria. Acronyms  like “CEO”, “CTO”, “CFO”, will be changed to the full name when you save this filter.
  • Company Revenue Filter - Left and Right Slider bar options to set a range for company revenues.
  • Company Size Filter - Left and Right Slider bar options to set a range for company sizes.
  • Location Filter - Location Filter - Allow you to search for “locations” with Google address bar and set if the contact, company, or at one or both address filters. Includes cities, states and countries. A selection from the Google Address dropdown is needed to search by location. At this time we do not support counties or subdivisions.
  • Industry Filter - Allows you to select by many different types of “Industries”  and subcategories with checkboxes 
  • Job Role Filter - Allows you to select by many different types of “ Job Roles”  and subcategories with checkboxes 
  • Seniority Filter - Allows you to select by company seniority, such as C-Level Executives, VP Level Executives, etc.. 
  • NAICS Filter - Allows you to search by NAICS numbers (Six digit code: ######) (North American Industry Classification System). Looking for NAICS numbers, click here.
  • SIC Filter - Allows you to search by SIC numbers (Four digit code: #####) (Standard Industrial Classification) Looking for SIC numbers, click here.

Step 2-A:In this example, we have used the Company Filter and Job Title filter to search for a contacts/leads. Above the lead list, you will see search filters used!

Step 3: Saving the search. Once we have the lead filter search created, we can save this search for future use. Click on the red “Save New” button, add a name and click the yellow save button.  

Step 4: Renaming, copying, deleting and editing a saved search. At any time you can access your saved searches. Find your search via the dropdown and access settings via the Gear icon.

Step 4-A: Renaming a search. You simple rename your search by typing in the new name and click the green button “update name”. 

Step 4-B: Copying a search. Want duplicates of your search? Click on the yellow “Copy Source” button and follow the steps.

Step 4-C: Deleting the saved Search. If you no longer need the search click on the red “Delete Source” button”. 

Step 4-D: Editing a Search. At any time, you can edit your search. You can remove filters by removing the filter by clicking on “X” for each filter at the top of the screen or you can use the left side to add new filters. Once done, be sure to click the red “SAVE” button at the bottom of the screen. 

Step 5: Contact/Lead review, adding them into Deals. Once the search has been run, over on the right side you will see the list of leads, generated by your search. We now have options for the contacts found.  Here you will see Company Information, Person information and other details regarding the lead.

Step 6: Accepting a Lead. Our first option is to “Accept” a lead. This will cost .60 “Cliently Credit” for each lead to Accept.

Status notification about accepted leads:

Accepted -- Your chosen Lead has been processed and added to your Account. 0.60 credits have been reduced from your allotted credits. 

Rejected -- You have chosen to remove this Lead from a specific search. No credits are reduced from your account and the lead has been moved to your Rejected page. You can view these leads by selecting the Rejected button at the bottom of your searches.

Unverified --  You have chosen a lead whose email address can not be found. This means that it no longer exists or that it is hidden by the server that hosts their domain. Either way, to reduce your Bounce rate and give you the most real-time data, we do not add that lead to your database and no credits are reduced from your Account. No credits are reduced from your account and the contact's data is not added to your Deals page.

Email Already Exists -- We have detected that the email address for the Lead you have selected already exists in your workspace. No credits are reduced from your account and the contact's data is not added to your Deals page.

Accept Failed / Lead Currently Unavailable -- You have chosen a Lead. Unfortunately, an internal failure occurred during the acceptance process due to a recent update in the system's data. This Lead is considered invalid and can't be selected. No credits are reduced from your account and the contact's information is not added to your Deals page. 

Step 6-A: Accepting Leads - Are you sure you would like to accept this Lead? Here you have two choices. “Add to Pipeline”, this will add the lead to your Deals, without adding to a flow. To “Add to Flow”, see below.

If you clicked “Add to Flow”, here you can set a flow to be automatically added and enabled for your newly purchased lead. You can choose your flow from the dropdown list and then click the yellow “Done” button to complete the process.
Please note: In order to select a flow, that flow must be enabled in Cliently Flows.

Selecting a flow:

Sending Limits: Cliently offers an ability to limit the number of emails sent per day for your flows. Be sure to check out this FAQ article to setup “Sending Limits”.

Step 7: Rejecting the lead. Cliently does offer to “reject” leads that you do not want to either accept or add to flows. Rejecting is a good way to remove leads that you have reviewed already and do not want to add or add to your Cliently flows. Please note: You can also click on the “Rejected” button to see all the rejected leads within this search.

Step 8: Accessing more Leads - If you have created an open search, you might have more results that which shows when they are first displayed… Use the “page numbers” at the bottom to see more of your search results.

For more information on managing your leads, see the Deals FAQ page.

Need Help? If you need any help with Find Leads, please login to your Cliently Account and click on the red “Help/Chat” icon found on the bottom right side of your account.

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