Focus: The focus of this public FAQ/Self Help guide is to provide you an overview and details about Cliently “Deals”.

What are Deals?: A Deal is a qualified contact(s) and/or company that you are actively pursuing. Using Pipelines and Stages, you're able to track and move each Deal through your sales cycle.

Can I create my own custom fields for 'Deals"? Yes, you can! Check out our FAQ for more details.

Step 1: Creation of New Deals. The creation of new Deals can be done from the Dashboard or Real-time View. Click on the red “+Add New” button, then “Add Deal”. Be sure to fill out all the fields available.

Please note: A Contact or Company is required to create a new Deal.

Step 2: Overview of Deals. First, let’s review Deals. In Cliently, find the “Deals” icon on the left side. Here you will see an overview of all contacts in your account.

Step 3: Access Deal information. By clicking on the Deal card, you can access all the important details about this card.

Step 4: Break down of the Deals page. Next we will discuss the separate sections/cards that make up the Deal Card.

Step 4-A: Deal card. This section provides information about the deal, including Name, Value, Pipeline/Stage, and Owner.

You can edit the deal information by clicking on the vertical “ellipses”. Options to “edit” the Deal fields.

And you can delete the Deal at anytime, if you no longer need the Deal. Please note when deleting Deals it does not remove the company or any contacts associated with it from your account. Also, once the delete has been deleted, you will be unable to restore any deleted Deals.

Step 4-B: Company Card. For each Deal, a company can be added.

Reviewing Company information and tools. In the Company tile, you can click on the name of the company to take you into a full view of the company information. By using the vertical ellipsis, you can “edit”, “switch” and “remove” companies from the deal.

Example of the Company page:

Step 4-C: Contact Card. Click the “+” button to add contact(s) to the Deal. Multiple contacts can be added to more than one Deal.

You can access the contact details as well as the ability to edit Contact information or Remove contact information by clicking on the vertical “ellipses”. Options include to access the full details of the Edit Contact (right side panel opens), View Contact and Remove Contact.

Step 4-D: Deal Notes. Cliently also offers the ability to add notes to the Deal which can be used to add additional information, followups, etc.. Click “Type a note”

Step 4-E: Deal Timeline. The Deal timeline consists of any emails or video message Instant Actions or actions used in Flows. This is designed to help you see the engagement via emails per each contact that is connected to the Deal. Information such as sent, opened, replied, link clicked, etc… are included for each action that is sent from your Cliently account. Expansion of the message can be shown by clicking on the message itself.

Step 5: Searching for Contacts/companies on Deals. At any time you can search for your contacts, by going to the main view of the “Deals” page and then use the Search option found in the top left corner. The search can be performed using the contact’s name, contact’s email address, or company name.

Step 6: Review and setup of new Pipelines. Next, we will discuss Pipelines. Cliently pipelines are a great way to manage all of your Deals in Cliently. Take advantage of Cliently’s “Add new” pipeline feature to efficiently manage these separate outreach processes.

Step 7: Adding and editing Deal Stages. Next, we will discuss Stages. By Default, we automatically include five (5) stages in Cliently and you can add/remove your Deal cards in those stages to help you along in the sales process. At any time, you can also add your own “Stages”, by using the “Add Stage+” button

Column Definitions for Default Card Stages:

  • New Lead - New leads are your prospective customers or clients. You’ve either gathered their contact information through advertising, trade shows, direct mailings, or, you may have added them directly from Cliently’s database.

  • Qualifying - The qualifying stage is also known as the ‘information gathering’ stage. This is when you determine whether or not a prospective client is the right fit for your product or service offering.

  • Validation - You have proven to the prospect that your offering fits within their organization and preparation to meet with final decision makers are made.

  • Negotiation - You and the prospective client are in mutual need of your product or service AND you have made contact with the decision maker that is able to sign off on the deal.

  • Closed Won - You did it! You closed the deal! Now, you have added one new client to the books

Step 7-A: Deleting Stages. At any time you can also delete a Stage. Once you click on the “X” to delete the stage, an option will be shown on which stage you would like to move your Deals.

Step 8: Deals > Timeline Using the Global Timeline, you can filter events by Team Members or by event type such as email/video sent, replied, auto replied, fail/bounce, opened/read, unsubscribe. You can also click on the contact name to display that record directly in Cliently.

Need Help? If you need any help with “Deals”, please login to your Cliently Account and click on the red “Help/Chat” icon found on the bottom right side of your account.

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