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How to send emails from Cliently
How to send emails from Cliently

Learn how to setup email actions, add to them to your flows and start contacting your contacts

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Focus: The focus of this public FAQ/Self Help guide is to provide you an overview and details about building Cliently flows with an Email action. 

What are Cliently Flows?: A flow is a list of items based upon “actions” that were added. For Example: Send email, wait 1 day, Send Video message, wait 2 days, Send postcard. (Per Action) Email, etc… Learn more about using Cliently flows by checking out our overview.

What is an Email Action? An email action is an item that you can create to send out an email from Cliently to your contacts. Sending emails is the bread and butter of all sales outreach campaigns.

Instant Action with Email - Please Note: With this action, you can also perform an “Instant Action” and send out an email, WITHOUT adding to a flow. Click here to learn more!

Please note: Make sure you have connected your email integration before creating your first flow! 

Sending Limits: Cliently offers an ability to limit the number of emails sent per day for your flows. Be sure to check out this FAQ article to setup “Sending Limits”

Step 1: Creating a new Flow with Email Action We start by Going to Flows > New Flow.

Step 1-A: Flow Settings Next, give your flow a name and check options for “Stop Workflow” or “unsubscribe”. Click Save.

Pro-Tip: Name your flows accordingly, so you know from the title of the flow what is included in the flow!

Step 2: Adding Actions – Add Email Action. Next, we will add the Email Action as an example. Click on the Red Email action, to add it to your flow.

Step 3: Fill out and personalize the email action… Now, we can begin by building out the email to be used in this this flow.Fill out the Subject and body of the message. Please note: you can use the editor found in the body of the message, to include BOLD, Italics, underline, font colors, background font colors of your text, and much more!  Important - If you are creating “Hyperlinks” in the body of the messages, please be sure to include the http:// as part of the web address. Example: When completed, be sure to the blue  button “Save” to save the action. 

Pro-Tip: Use Tokens in order to populate your Clients contact information or your information from your Settings > Account. Learn more about using tokens.

Step 3-A: Adding image in editor. To add an image, click on the image icon in the editor, navigate on your computer folders/files and choose your image to upload. Please note: You can only upload an image that is 50MB or smaller in size.

To hyperlink your image. Place your mouse cursor to the right of the image. HOLD down your mouse button, move left over the image. The image will be selected and highlighted. Then click on the hyperlink button to display the link field. Be sure to include “http://” in front of your address.  Example:”.  When your recipients clicks on hyperlinks, those will be tracked on the Dashboard-timeline and Contacts-Last Engaged hover. 

Step 3-B: Changing the alignment (left/center/right) and resizing the image. Once the image has been added inside of the editor, click on the image and you will see options to change the orientation and resize the image if necessary.

Step 4: Add more Actions… Excellent job, now you have completed your first email action in a flow. You can add other action items in your flow!

Step 5: Enable the flow to be used… Finally, we have to enable the flow to be used for our Contacts. Click on the on/off slider toggle to enable. 

Congratulations, you have setup your first Email Action Flow… Click here for a flows review and how to use your flows for your Cliently contacts.

Step 6: Action Analytics. Once you have used this flow and sent emails out, you can go back to Flows > Open your flow and at the bottom you will see analytics. Please note: You can also change the “Time Selector” and #/% for values for specific analytics on when this flow was used.

  • Sent – Number of times this email was sent.

  • Replied – Recipient replied to the email sent.

  • Opened – Email was opened, only applies to users who have remote images enabled.

  • Auto-replied – Replies generated from a away message set within the recipient’s mail settings.

  • Bounced - Message from a service saying the email address doesn’t exist or the email was undeliverable.  Also includes any undeliverable emails. 

  • Unsubscribed – Recipient clicks on the unsubscribe link within the email sent.

Pro-Tip Things to Note: Opens/View may register additional opens due to the following reasons:

  • Server Scans: Some servers check emails and links as a security measure to verify that no malicious content is being passed on to the recipient. Our tracking can not differentiate between a server opening a link or an actual person.

  • Repeated Opens: Each time a user views an email will count as an additional open. 

  • Forwarded Message: If a user forwards an email, views may count each time the forward recipient(s) open the message, not just the first time as it is viewed. 

For Time Selector:
Today: Will include all emails sent today.
Last 7 Days/Last 30 Days: (Example if Search ran on Tuesday):  this will would include:  Monday, Sunday, Saturday, Friday, Thursday, Wednesday, and Tuesday.  
Custom: Use a custom date range.

Step 7: Reviewing actions via Timeline. If you open your contact card, scroll down, here you will see the timeline that you can review all the email actions used in your flows.

Need Help? If you need any help with Cliently Flows – Emails, please login to your Cliently Account and click on the red “Help/Chat” icon found on the bottom right side of your account.

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