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Learn how to connect Zapier to Cliently
Learn how to connect Zapier to Cliently

Learn more about our Zapier integration to connect with Cliently to send and receive Lead details from your CRM

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Focus: The focus of this self help document is to provide steps to: Install, Connect and Use the Zapier integration with Cliently.

What does this integration do? The Zapier integration with Cliently will allow you to do two things.

  • With Triggers - Add Leads to your CRM from Cliently.   Use Cliently to add leads/contacts and then with this integration, send the contact information back to your CRM.
    Example 1: Use this with Salesforce, HubspotCRM, ZohoCRM, InsightlyCRM, pipedrive and any other CRM providers that Zapier has an integration with to populate your Cliently lead data over to that CRM.

  • With Actions - Add Leads to Cliently Workflows from your CRM - Already have leads in your CRM from inbound or previous outbound efforts? With Zapier, you can send leads to a customized Cliently workflow. Automatically!
    Example 1:  Use this with Salesforce, pipedrive, Hubspot CRM, ZohoCRM, Insightly CRM  and any other CRM providers that Zapier has an integration with to send over contact data, populate in Cliently and starting sending out flows.
    Example 2: Use the integration with Salesforce to send over contact information from the Contact or Lead Object in Salesforce over to Cliently to start sending out flows!
    Example 3: Use the integration with pipedrive, zap your New Deal, Updated Deal, New Person over to Cliently  to start sending out flows!
    Example 4: Use the integration with Hubspot, zap your New Deal, New Contact over to Cliently to start sending out flows!
    Example 5: Use the integration with Insightly CRM, zap your New Contact over to Cliently to start sending out flows! 

This Zapier integration for Cliently is in BETA. (Updated November 2020)
 Access invite link here:

Cliently Plan Access? All Cliently Plans can use this integration.

Before you get started, however, please make sure that you have a Zapier account (Don’t have one yet? Start 14-day free trial!)

Email integrated? - Please make sure your Cliently account has been integrated with your email account if you plan on using workflows and enabling workflows in the Zapier connection. If you have done this, please review this FAQ.

Cliently Custom Fields? Please note that Cliently custom fields can be used in the Zapier integration for the triggers (pull data) and actions (insert data into custom fields). Click here to learn more about setting up Cliently custom fields.

Step 1: Setup in Zapier and create a Trigger. Obtain our BETA invite link and follow the prompts to use Cliently with your Zapier account. Click the blue button “Create this Zap” to begin.

Step 1-A: “Select Cliently Trigger” - Next, you will see the options for “Get New Leads”. Click on the blue button “Save and Continue”

Step 1-B: “Connect Cliently + Zapier”. Click on the Blue “Connect” button 

Step 1-C: Login into Cliently and enable Zapier to gain access to your “API Key”. Next, login into your Cliently account, go to Settings > Integrations > Zapier and click on the OFF switch. Please copy the API key that shows in Cliently, you will use this back in Zapier to connect.

Step 1-D: Enter in your API key in Zapier. Next you want to copy and paste or type in your API key from Cliently into Zapier and then click on the orange button “Yes, Continue”.  Please note: You only have to do this one time for your Zapier account. Going forward each time you create triggers or actions using the Cliently Zapier integration.

Step 1-E: Connection Test. To verify the connection is working correctly, Click on the “Test” button. If connected correctly, you should see a green “Success” message. Once done, click on the blue button “Save + Continue”.

Step 1-F: Test Examples (Pull in Samples). Now lets run a test to make sure you can pull in data from Cliently and connect it with Zapier. In Cliently, add a contact/lead.

Next, back in Zapier, click on the blue button “Fetch+Continue” to grab this data.

Test Data Complete: If connected and data pulled in correctly, it should be provide list of results of the Cliently Fields and how they can be used to setup your actions created in Zapier.

Setup Zapier Actions - Now you have Cliently setup for Triggers, you can start to add other “Actions” to take your Cliently Data send it to another platform that uses Zapier.

Step 2: Using Cliently Zapier for “Action”. With Actions you can send contact data to Cliently and have them automatically be connected with a Cliently flow to start communicating automatically.

Step 2-A: Setup Cliently in Zapier as an Action Under Actions, click on “Choose App” and Select Cliently. 

Step 2-B: Choose Action. For Cliently “Create Lead or Add to Flow” and click on the blue button “Save + Continue”.

Step 2-C: Connect Cliently to Zapier. If you have not already done this, please follow connection steps 1-B and 1-C above. If you have already connected, click on “Test” to confirm the connection. Click on the blue “Save+Button” to continue. 

Step 2-D: Setup Cliently Lead portion of the Zap (edit Template). The following sections is important as you want to make sure your contact data is being applied to the correct fields inside of Cliently.  In the following sections we will go through each piece to make sure you are fully connected correctly.

Step 3 - Create Lead Zap Setup

Step 3-A: Workspace, Pipeline and Stage. First, we want to configure which Cliently Workspace,

Pipeline and Stage are non required fields. You can use these fields if you wish to create Deals alongside the Contact cards in Cliently.

Step 3-B: Workflow used and enabled. Next, if you want your Cliently leads to be automatically be associated to a an existing Cliently Flow, you can choose the flow in Zapier. Next, you can enable Yes/No, to have the flow process instantly!

Step 3-C: Client field setup. Next, you will want to select each of the contact fields and connect them to the Cliently Fields.

Those fields are:

Full Name = In Zapier, select “Full Name”

Email Address = In Zapier, select “Email”

Job Title = In Zapier, select “Job Title”

Description = In Zapier, select “Description”

Address 1 = In Zapier, select “Address Line 1”

Address = In Zapier, select “Address Line 1”

City = In Zapier, select “City”

Country State = In Zapier, select “Country State”

Postal Code = In Zapier, select “Postal Code”

Country = In Zapier, select “Country”

Phone = In Zapier, “select “Phone”

Step 3-D: Value Field. If you used Pipeline and stage as defined in Step 3-A, you can also use this Value field to populate a number, the “value” of the deal. Next, if you want the Value to be associated to your Cliently contact record, fill this in.

Value = In Zapier, select “Deal Value”

Step 3-E: Company field setup. Next, we have the Company fields that can setup to populate the company information into Cliently. Those fields are:

Name = In Zapier, select “Company Name”

Address Line 1 = In Zapier, select “Company Address Line 1”

Address Line 2 = In Zapier, select “Company Address Line 2”

City = In Zapier, select “Company City”

Country State = In Zapier, select “Company Country State”

Postal Code = In Zapier, select “Company Postal Code”

Country = In Zapier, select “Company Country”

Phone  = In Zapier, select “Company Phone”

Website = In Zapier, select “Company Website”

Description. = In Zapier, select “Company Description”

Step 3-F: Cliently Custom Fields (if used). If you have setup custom fields in Cliently, these custom fields will be available to be selected/setup in the Zapier integration. They would show up under the ‘company fields’.

Step 3-G: Setup Complete. Once you have completed adding in all the fields, click on the blue continue for the next steps.

Step 4 - Add to Flow Zap Setup  If this section we will discuss the difference in using this Action Setup. We will highlight the differences to “Create a Lead”.

Add to Flow Zap option expands on “Create Lead”. It provides the same options to connect your workspace, pipeline, stage and all contact/company fields.

We expand on this Zap to also include which “team” member the contact will be assigned to once the zap has been completed:

We also have options that can “update” your existing contacts if they already exist in Cliently. They include “Update Company Info”, “Update Contact info”, “use a new workflow”. Options are included a shown below:

Step 5: Checking the lead source in Cliently. If you are using Zapier to import the leads into Cliently, you can open the My Client contact record, scroll down and click on “Lead Source”. Here is will provide you with “imported from Zapier” and the date that it occurred.

This integration is in BETA only, please contact us by using the RED help button found on the lower right side of your Cliently account, or talk to your Cliently Account manager for more details.

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