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How to manage a Cliently Workspace
How to manage a Cliently Workspace

Learn how to use Cliently workspaces and add team members

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Focus: The focus of this public FAQ/Self Help guide is to provide you an overview and details about Cliently Workspaces.

What is a Workspace?: A workspace is a place where a specific group of people can work in Cliently together. A workspace is an isolated working environment where only its members have access to it. It’s a great way to separate different teams, divisions or parts of your organization. One person can be added to multiple workspaces with different permission roles. Within each workspace you can set up Flows, Contacts, Deals and Team Members.

What are Seats? Seats are how your users are allocated. If you have a user with the same email address that is used across multiple workspaces, this will only use 1 seat.

Step 1: Accessing Workspaces to setup and enable. First, we need to go to Settings > Team members and you will see a section called “Workspaces”.

If you are on the Dashboard, you can access by going to the top right profile icon and then Teams & Permissions.

Step 1-A: Accessing enabled workspaces in Cliently. Once you have created your workspaces, you can access them by using the top left icon or inside of Team member > workspace settings.

Step 2: Creating New Workspaces. Its very easy to create a workspace, in Settings > Team Members, Click on the “New Workspace” button and enter in a name and click on the blue “check” in order to save. Our example, we added “Workspace 2”.

Please note: The owner of the Cliently account will automatically be associated with the new workspace. 

Step 3: Enable Workspace At any time, you can enable and disable the workspace. You can do this by toggling the ON/Off switch next to the workspace name. 

Step 4: Workspace Security. Here you can set the maximum number of emails that can be sent from any team member account. This is used to provide security options to protect your domain/emails accounts. Click here to learn more.  

Step 5: Change Workspaces Settings. Next we will discuss the settings options for each workspace.

Step 5-A: Workspace Name. At anytime, you can click on the name of the workspace and change the name.

Step 5-B: Adding and Removing Team Credits. Next, we need to allocate Account Credits to the Team (workspace) credits. This must be done in order to Accept Leads, Send Postcards and Use Cliently Calls feature in this workspace. What are Cliently Credits?

Step 6: Add or remove team members. Next, we can add additional team members to this workspace. Click on”Add Team Member”, fill in their name, email and select permission. Click the blue button “Add Team Member” to add to the workspace.  For more in depth guide about team members, click here.

Need Help? If you need any help with Settings - Workspaces, please login to your Cliently Account and click on the red “Help/Chat” icon found on the bottom right side of your account.

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