Focus:  The focus of this self-help article is to provide steps and information to import your Contacts via CSV.

What is a CSV?: A “CSV”, also known as a “comma-separated value”, is a file that can be generated by many different types of programs to export contact information.

Please Note: Depending on the program/app you are using to download and save your CSV file, you may have several options for CSV formatting. Please be sure to always save your CSV file under the (Comma delimited) option. Other CSV file formats will not work when importing into Cliently.

Used in Cliently?: CSV files can be used by Cliently in order to upload your contacts directly into Cliently.

Custom fields - can you import data into Custom fields? Yes, you can however the custom fields must be created first. Click here to learn about adding custom fields:

Maximum upload at one time. Please note, you can only import via CSV with a total of 2000 records for each import.

Importing more than 15 contacts and assigning a flow?: If so, please note Cliently has a throttling system in order to send out the emails. We will stagger the emails over a period of time so your mail will be sent out with no issues. This is done to control the amount of email messages sent to one ISP or remote server at one time. Sometimes ISPs block messages when a high volume is sent by one sender at one time because they might be concerned its spam. This process can take anywhere from a few minutes up to several hours, depending on how many contacts you have introduced to your flow at one time. Please also note that our current throttling system will work to send your emails as soon as possible, based on your selected calendar settings, and is not capable of staggering your messages over several days. 

Sending Limits: Cliently offers an ability to limit the number of emails sent per day for your flows. Be sure to check out this FAQ article to setup “Sending Limits”.

Cliently Import template Please download and review this template import CSV.

Be prepared for your import.
Do you plan on sending out emails during the import process? If so, make sure you have done the following:
A) Connect your email account to your Cliently Account.
B) Test the email connection by sending yourself an email.
C) Create and prepare your Global flow to be used when setting up and scheduling the import. 

Step 1: Find Import. Under Deals, find the “Import” button.

Step 2: Selecting a file. Under “Import”, click on “Choose a file...” and select the file from your computer.

Step 3: Configure CSV to be imported… Next, you will need to match up your CSV file fields to the available Cliently fields.
Please Note: Cliently will do its best to match your current CSV fields to Cliently fields, but we do suggest to review each field.  Please take your time and make sure that all fields are matched up to Cliently fields. 

The fields available for import are:

Contact First Name
Contact Last Name
Contact Job Title
Contact Phone
Contact Email (Unique identifier - Must contain UNIQUE email address, no commas, special characters, etc.. Otherwise contact-row will NOT be imported to Cliently)
Contact Street
Contact Street 2
Contact City
Contact State
Contact Zip Code
Contact Country
Company Name
Company Phone
Company URL
Company Street
Company Street 2
Company City
Company State
Company Zip Code
Company Country
Company Description

When completed, Click Next.

Quick Tip: When importing leads, the system will detect the first name as any text before the first spacing. For example - Mr. John Smith will assume Mr. as being the first name if it is mapped with the prefix in the first name column, as there is a space between "Mr." and "John". For this reason, you want to be sure to remove prefixes from your "first name" field before importing. 

Step 3-A: Custom Fields. Please note if you have created custom fields. They will be displayed at the bottom of the list and will also include a number. Click here to learn about adding custom fields:

Step 4: Adding into Cliently. For the Final steps of setup, we will cover each option to select for import.

Step 4-A: Update existing Contacts - The first selection available, if checked, will allow for any contact with an existing email address in Cliently to be updated. This includes any changes to the contact fields or their company fields, with the data from the file being imported at that time. If this option is NOT checked, existing contacts will be skipped (not updated).

Step 5: Completion notifications. Once the import has completed, you will receive two different notifications.

In app message:

Example Email sent to you:

Step 6: Review Contacts. Once the import has completed, you can open the contact card and review the “Lead Source” field. This data will inform you of the imported file name and when it was imported. You will also be able to see if this file was updated in Cliently, as the same file can be imported more than once to update contact data as well as flows assigned to your contacts. Additionally, if you have set up the flows to be scheduled, you will see the word “Processing” next to the action that is processing.

Need Help? If you need any help with importing contacts into Cliently via CSV, please login to your Cliently Account and click on the red “Help/Chat” icon found on the bottom right side of your account.

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