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2017 Product Releases
2017 Product Releases
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Focus: The focus of this article is to provide an overview of the Cliently Product Releases for 2017.

Semi-Automated LinkedIn Tasks

LinkedIn is near impossible to automate. Using third-party extensions and applications have a high chance of getting your account banned; however, we've found a way to increase efficiency while protecting the integrity of your accounts.

You can now create 'Auto-Connects' and 'Auto-Messages' as tasks within Cliently. When it's time to connect or send a message, we will notify you in the Task Sidebar.

The best part? You can add tokens just like in emails. With a click, auto copy your personalized message, navigate to LinkedIn, paste, and send!

Analytics for Flows

We get it, being able to measure the effectiveness of your Flows is extremely important. That's why we've released Analytics for Flows!

Global Flow Analytics

On a global level, we will track how many leads are engaged, not interested, or had invalid contact details.

Individual Action Analytics

Being able to see how individual actions are performing is important too, though. Here's a breakdown of what you are able to track based on each action:

  • Email: Sent, Replied, Opened, Auto-Replied, Bounced, Unsubscribed

  • Video Message: Sent, Replied, Opened, Clicked, Played, Auto-Replied, Bounced, Unsubscribed

  • Postcard: Sent, In-Transit, Delivered, Bad Address

Engagement Tracking

Sales teams need to be intelligent, tailored, and timely. That's why we've release Engagement Tracking. Know when someone opens an email, plays a video, or received a postcard instantly.

'Timeline' UI Update

The Timeline will now track and record your Flow engagement.

You can see when an email is opened, unsubscribed, or responded to, see if your video was opened or played and if/when a postcard was delivered.

Add Tasks to a Flow

You can now add manual reminders to place a call or a variety of other tasks directly within a Flow. With this, we also released the Task Sidebar to help you stay on top of what is due and when.

Keep in mind, your Flow will pause until you complete mark the task complete, at which point automatic engagement will recommence.

Engage with Leads in Bulk

You can now manage potential leads in bulk on the Find Clients page. Simply select the leads and choose whether you'd like to accept, add to workflow, or reject them all in just a click.

'Flow' and 'Find Leads' UI Update

We slightly tweaked the UI of the Flows page and Find Leads page. Editing Flows and Lead Searches in the current environment is now easier.

Redesign of "Find Leads" page:

Redesign of "Flows" page:

Updates to 'Find Leads' Page

Ability to Save Searches for Company Database and Twitter

Instant Twitter Search

Added the ability to instantly see leads on Twitter that match your search

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