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Cliently March 2018 Releases
Cliently March 2018 Releases

Release notes for March 2018 by Cliently

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Hello all Cliently Account Holders:

We're excited to announce several updates for Cliently.

  1. Launch of New FAQ-Self Help system for Cliently. We are pleased to announce our launch of our new FAQ-Self Help system, found here: Learn more about all the ways to capture leads and communicate with them.

  2. Find Leads - Improved Searching and more filters for searching.  We have updated Find Leads and have increased the speed of the search.
    We've also added three new filter options for your searches:
        A. NAICS: Allows you to search by NAICS numbers (Six digit code: ######)           (North American Industry Classification System).
        B. SIC: Allows you to search by SIC numbers (Four digit code: ####)
        (Standard Industrial Classification)
        C. People Search: Allows you to search by a Person’s Name.  

     3. Find Leads - Improved “Rejected” sorting options.
     Rejected leads will no longer appear in your lead list view. If you need to access            rejected leads, you can click on the “Rejected” button to view them in
     one location. Review Step 4-C in our “Rejecting Leads” guide in Cliently.

    4. Lead Duplication check across workspaces
    We have improved our “duplication” checks for a lead with the same email address.     Cliently now provides this functionality across multiple “workspaces”. If your Cliently      account is setup to use multiple workspaces, you can enable this on your account        and it will always “check” for duplicates before adding new leads via your Lead            Search. Learn more about Cliently workspaces and how to make sure you have            “duplication” checks setup for your workspaces.

If you have any questions about this Cliently Release, please let us know!

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