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June 2018 Release Notes - Part 2
June 2018 Release Notes - Part 2

Another exciting release from Cliently in June 2018

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Hello all and thank you for reviewing these release notes from Cliently.

In the 2nd half of June our development team has been working on new updates for our email system we use in Cliently. This release will occur on:
11am EST on Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

Email Integration

We now have a new method to connect your email to Cliently. Instead of having two options (GMAIL and IMAP) you'll simply see the option for “Email Integration”. This will make it easier to connect. When enabling, it will take you through a process to connect your email account to Cliently.  You can use Google, Yahoo, Outlook, exchange and many others. This is found in Settings > Integrations > Email Section.

For Existing Clients: When you login after 11am EST on Tuesday, June 26th, 2018, you will see the screen shown below. Please follow the prompts in order to reconnect your email to Cliently.

Important Updates regarding the release of our new email system:

Improved Action Queues:

We have reconfigured our action queues so actions in flows will be processed more smoothly and with less interruptions. 

Improved Mail Analytics:

With the implementation of the new email system, we have also improved our analytics for individual actions and overall Flow.

Improvements were made for Sent, Replied, Opened, Auto-replied, Bounced and Unsub for emails and video messages actions sent from Cliently.

Improved Stop Workflow Engagement:

We also have major improvements for setting up your Email “Stop Workflow if engagement" rules:

Replies - When your recipient replies back to you.
Bounces - When your recipient's email address is invalid or unable to send to them.
Auto Replies  - When your recipient is out of the office and you receive an Out Of Office reply.

When these options are enabled in a “Flow”, these events will “STOP" the flow for this contact and the contact will no longer be contacted via actions.

These settings are found in Flows > Gear icon to access these options. 

Custom Flows - Settings - Stop all worfkflows:

In this release we also changed the “Settings” for Custom Flows created in My Clients - Flows

We have removed the options for “Stop All workflows within card if any Contact responds”.

Email notifications for missing email address or physical address on contact card:

We have also updated Cliently emails when actions are used in flows and we have “checks” in place to let you know if you do not have the correct information on the contact record. We check for missing email addresses for all Email and Video Message Actions. We also check for the physical address for any Postcards and Gift Cards. 

Emails for insufficient credits:

We have also implemented a new email notification to let you know when you do not have enough credits in your account to send out a Postcard. This was added to remind you to purchase additional credits for Postcards that are delaying your flow actions.

Need help?
If you have any questions regarding this release, please login and use the Blue Help button found on the bottom right side of your account.

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