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August 2018 Release Notes - Part 2
August 2018 Release Notes - Part 2
Exciting update from Cliently regarding My Clients - Contact Card
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Hello from everyone at Cliently.

For our next big update, we have made some major updates and changes to the My Client - Contact Card. Updates/changes as follows:

My Client Card - Contact Screen 

Over the course of the last 6-8 weeks have been redesigning the Contact Card UI (User Interface). Shown below is an overview of all the changes we have made.

Contact fields and Company Field sections

Here we have redesigned the location, font and size of fields to make the system look cleaner. We have modified how the images are being used for contact and company.  We have added moved “Lead Source” from the middle of the screen, under the contact to make it easier to understand where the lead came from. Details will be provided if it was manually added, added via import, or your Search criteria used in Find Leads. On the right side, we removed “company funded” field and made it easier to add and edit the “description” field and included an expansion option.

Pipeline/Stages/Lead Owner/Deal info

Next, we have made some changes to how previously this information was shown on the contact record. We made it easy and simple to navigate for these details. We changed Stage to a dropdown selection and moved the “Deal Value” from Under Company information to this section. 

Notes - Changed to “Add Company Notes”

Next, we have completed updated and modified how Company notes can be added to the card. We have included our newest editor for notes and have changed the button name from “Add Note” to “Add Company Notes” and have included an easy “edit” button to update your notes at any time. Please note: When notes are added, they will show in the “Notes” for all contacts on the card.

Instant Actions

For Instant Actions we have completed redesigned and coded, Email  and Tasks actions as Instant Actions. Previously you had to click on different tabs at the bottom to send out an email or add a task. Now, just like our other Instant Actions, you can create and send them out at any time with a few simple clicks.

CC/BCC FIelds - 

Have been included for Email/Video Message Instant Actions.

Credit Checker

We have also added a “Credit Checker” when performing Handwritten Notes, Postcards, Gifts Instant Actions. If you do not have enough credits to perform the action, a message will appear. 

Individual Timeline

We have redesigned the Contact Card timeline for ease of use and to track all notes you add and actions (via flows or Instant Actions) via the timeline. Broken down alphabetically, you simply can click and will take you through each event type. 

For actions with more than 10 lines, you can also “expand” the by clicking on the “+”. 

For Email/Video Message Actions you can also REPLY/FORWARD, using our new editor:

Timeline showing each action:



Handwritten Notes:


Video Message:

Flows - Adding Flows

For our flows piece, we had fixed some issues with switching from one flow to another. We have added in a new pop up to let you know what happens when you switch a flow and what happens when you do this.

Tasks Button (Right Side Panel)

We have also implemented a new Task button inside of the contact record. This is used to complete any Tasks that have been created via Instant Actions or processed during a flow. Once you complete the Tasks, they will show up in your Individual timeline and Global Timeline.

Updates to our Video Message Action...
For our Video Message Action, we have made some major updates:

Switched from Flash to HTML5  - Easier for Clients to capture/upload video in Cliently. 

We have upgraded the ability to capture a higher resolution video - 720p. 

Added ability to “Upload your own Video” -- You can upload a video up to a size of 2:00 minutes in length

We have modified the Video message email that is sent out of Cliently: We have restructured the Video message, so now the video is displayed under the text you included in the Video Message Action. Example Below

We have updated and reconfigured the Video Message Landing page. Example below:

  1. Now includes a banner/custom logo (found in Settings > Account Settings)

  2. We have included the Message (used in the video message) to be displayed to the right of the Video itself that includes your avatar (found in Settings > Account Settings) 

  3. We made the Video display larger and centered in the landing page.

If you have any questions, regarding this release, please contact us by using the Blue help button found on the bottom right side of your account.

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