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September- Early October 2018 Release Notes
September- Early October 2018 Release Notes

Cliently release notes for September and October 2018.

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Hello from everyone at Cliently!

In this past month we have made some major updates to the Cliently Platform.

My Client CSV Import process

We have made a number of updates and improvements when uploading your contact CSV into Cliently, including the following: 

A. Auto assignment of CVS Fields to Cliently Fields. We made some changes so that our system will auto detect your fields in your CSV file to match to Cliently Fields and auto assign them to be imported.

B. Updated the importing process when “Import button” is pressed. We have made this process faster and easier to use!

Postcard Actions

New Template images added for Postcards

Our team has put together a new series of images for Postcards! We have included more images for "Occasions", "Holidays" and "Special Places". Here are a few examples of the 39 new sets of images added:

Country Field - Auto updates to “United States”

You have spoken, we listened. Many of you have contacted us and we developed a way to make sure Postcards are being sent that did not includ the completed Country Field. We have made changes to our system that, if you use "usa", "u.s.a.", i.e. or many other combinations, our system will process the postcard as "United States". 

Updates for verification of physical address when sending Postcards.

We have also made some update to our help messages that will be displayed if the address fails to be verified before sending out the Postcard. New messages will shown in RED if the physical address needs to be reviewed. 

Find Leads 

Clone a saved Lead Source

Many of you contacted us and wanted a way to copy and update your existing Find Lead Saved Searches. Due to the number requests, our product team worked with our development team and we have added "Copy Lead Source". Click here to learn more!

 Revenue Changes on Display

We have updated our Find Lead results page and modified the "Revenue" section for the company. We changed this to show the full amount of revenue, not "thousands of dollars".

Hubspot Integration with Cliently

We have also developed and launched a new integration with Hubspot. With this integration you can send out Cliently Instant Actions (Email,Video Messages, Postcards,etc..) directly in Hubspot and track those events in your contact Activity History. Click here to learn more!

Questions/Concerns?: If you have any questions/concerns regarding these release updates, please contact us by using the Blue help button found on the bottom right side of your account.

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