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Using the Timeline to review your sent actions in the pipedrive/Cliently extension
Using the Timeline to review your sent actions in the pipedrive/Cliently extension

Learn how to access and review your contact timelines

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Focus: The focus of this public FAQ/Self Help guide is to provide you an overview and details about the extension “Timeline” and how you can use this to review activities for your pipedrive contacts.

What is the Timeline?: The timeline consists of a switcher for “Global” and “Contact” views. Global view will list out all of your actions for all contacts. Contact view will list out the actions for the specific contact only.  Actions sent through Engage or Flows will be included in the timeline. The timeline will refresh automatically after 1 minute. 

Tracking multiple events?: Please note, starting 10/11/2019, we are now tracking multiple entries for the following events: Emails - Opens, Replies and Link clicks; Video Messages - Opens, Replies, Links clicks, Video thumbnail clicks and Video watches.

Step 1: Accessing the Timeline As shown below, you can access the timeline by clicking on the icon on the right side bar. When you first login, it will be selected to “Global” to show all events for all contacts.

Step 2: Accessing Contact Timeline. In order to see the Timeline for individual contacts, you must have a contact sync’d to the extension. Go to “Engage” and search for a pipedrive contact.

Step 2-A: Once the contact has been loaded, you can go back to the Timeline to review the events for this specific contact.

Step 3:  Using the options in the timeline for each event. Inside of each event, you can click on the “ellipse” to access more information or us the “down arrow” keys to see the view history of the event. In the below examples, we should how to see the original email sent.

Step 4:  Email and Video message actions.  For these types of actions sent through Cliently, you will also see in the timeline the events for each action. When the email has been Sent, Opened, Replied, etc… For Video Messages, you will also see events when the video message has been clicked and watched.

More updates coming soon to the Timeline. Check back often for further updates.

Need Help? If you need any help with using the Timeline in the Cliently/pipedrive Application please click on the red “Help/Chat” icon found on the bottom right side of your account.

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