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March 2019 Release - Cliently Flows - Permissions
March 2019 Release - Cliently Flows - Permissions

Learn how to setup Public/Private Permissions for your Cliently Flows

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Hello, from everyone at Cliently.

March updates are here! We have just implemented a new feature that is available for all accounts.

We have now added in Public/Private Permissions for Flows. If you are using Cliently with multiple team members or want to add team members - this is for you!

Q: What happened to my existing flows?
A: Previously created flows will be set to "public" by default, but they can easily be switched over to private, if you do not wish to share these across your team. 

Q: Why enable private flows?
A. You want to limit access to your flows. If you set a flow to private, specific team members will not have access to edit or use the flow anywhere in Cliently. This will help to prevent accidental editing and/or use of another Team Member's personalized Flow(s).

Who has access if a flow is set to Private: 

  1. Owners and Admins will still have access to view and edit in Global View on the Flows page.  

  2. Owners and Admins will have access to use all flows, even if private. This also applies for individual view inside of deal cards, when manually assigning flows. 

  3. Managers and Team Members will only have access to their own flows when flows are set to private. If a Flow is not set to private, these User Roles will have full access to them. 

To learn more about about team permissions, click here.

If you have any questions about these updates or the general using of Flows, please access your Cliently account and click on the RED help button to access our help documentation or to contact us!


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