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April 2019 Release- My Clients - Import
April 2019 Release- My Clients - Import

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Hello, from everyone at Cliently.

We are excited to kick off the month of April with some great updates for the My Clients page! This change will vastly improve the "Import" feature.

We've brought back the ability to assign your imported contacts directly to a workflow in bulk, but we've added some upgrades that we think you'll find helpful. 

These upgrades include:

  • Updating existing contact records

  • Changing the Pipeline and Stage for existing leads

  • The ability to assign an updated contact to a new workflow

Import Complete Report: We have added in a new report that will break down the changes you have implemented for your contacts once the import has completed. The new report lets you know how many contacts are new, how many contacts have been updated, and if a flow has been assigned.

Reminder email: Once your import has been completed, you will also receive an email to inform you of the changes made in your account.

If you have any questions about these updates or about importing your contacts, please access your Cliently account and click on the RED help button to contact us. You can also access our help documentation in the FAQ section of our home page, under Resources. 

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