Focus: The focus of this public FAQ/Self Help guide is to provide you an overview and details about purchasing leads in Cliently and sending that contact data to Salesforce - Leads.

Why would I want to send my purchase leads directly to Salesforce?: If you want to have your Salesforce account to be the repository for your purchase leads.

Where in Salesforce does the leads go?: They will be added to the Salesforce - Lead Object. 

How does this process work with the Cliently Salesforce extension?:  By sending the lead data over to Salesforce, you then can use the extension to pull up the lead, send out Engagement actions, add and enable campaigns/marketing flows, complete tasks, and much more.

Does Cliently Support Custom Salesforce - Lead fields? At this time, we do not support custom fields. You must use the default fields in Salesforce to accept data from Cliently at this time. See “Step 3” below.

Which version of Salesforce is needed to use this feature?: Works with Salesforce Versions: Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, Performance. You must have API Access and you are using the Lead Object in Salesforce.  If you have Salesforce Professional edition to will need to request Salesforce API Access for your Salesforce account.

Step 1: Enabling access to send leads. In Cliently web app:, go to Settings > integrations and enable the integration for Salesforce. Once enabled a new option will display “Automatically import Accepted contacts as a lead in Salesforce” Click on the On/Off switch to enable it.

Step 2: Purchase a lead in Cliently. Go to Find Leads > Search and purchase a lead….

Learn more by checking out the Cliently FAQ to purchase leads:

Step 3: Field Data. Next, we will discuss the Cliently Field data and which “default” fields the data will be sent to the Lead Object in Salesforce.

Cliently Fields  / Salesforce Lead Object - “Default Fields”

Full Name  /  First Name and Last Name
Job Title  / Title
Phone Number  / Phone Number
Email Address  / Email Address
Contact Address 1 / Address 1
Contact Address 2 / Address 1
Contact Address - City / Address - City
Contact Address - State / Address - State
Contact Address - ZipCode / Address - Zip
Contact Address - Country / Address - Country
Example of Cliently address fields / Example of Salesforce Lead Object - Contact Address Fields.

Company Name / Company Name
Company Website / Company Website
Company Description / Company Description

Step 3-A: Owner of the lead in Salesforce. Once the lead data has been pushed to Salesforce, the lead owner will be assigned to the lead of “who” purchased the lead. In this example, James purchased the lead, so the Lead Owner in Salesforce is James.

Step 3-B: Salesforce Lead Status. Once the lead data has been pushed to Salesforce, the Lead Status will be set to “Open - Not Contacted”.... At this time, this option is not configurable.

Congratulations! You have successfully setup your Cliently account to be connected with Salesforce to send Cliently purchased leads to Salesforce.


I received an email “Attention: Cliently Salesforce Integration Dislabled

It’s possible your integration to your Salesforce account has been disconnected.
In Cliently, go to Settings > Integrations, disconnect the Salesforce integration, reconnect and reenable “Automatically import Accepted contacts as a lead in Salesforce”. If there is an issue with reconnecting, Cliently will let you know what is needed on your Salesforce Profile in order to use this option.

Salesforce Profile Access - In order for your Salesforce user account to accept purchased leads from Salesforce, your Salesforce “Profile” would need to have:
“API -Access” and “Lead Object -Create”. 

Need Help? If you need any help with purchasing leads and sending to Salesforce, please click on the red “Help/Chat” icon found on the bottom right side of your account.

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