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July 2019 Release - Flow Scheduler and Find Leads Updates
July 2019 Release - Flow Scheduler and Find Leads Updates

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Hello, from everyone at Cliently.

Here we are at the end of July 2019, with the year already halfway over. During this time, we've been asking for your input and relaying it to our Development and Design Teams. With that valuable information, they've been working hard to upgrade existing features and get new ones added to enhance your experience. Check out our most recent additions below:

Global flow - Campaign - Scheduler

Inside of your Global Flows, you can now set up your flow to be on a "Schedule". The schedule consists of 4 options.

  1. Setting your timezone

  2. Exclude U.S. Holidays (Set up schedule to exclude processing for U.S. Holidays)

  3. Scheduled Days  (Set up schedule for specific days)

  4. Scheduled Hours (Set up schedule for specific hours)

With these options, we provide you a way to control when your flow actions will be sent or processed.. Check out Step 3 on our FAQ for more details.
Or check out our newest Video on YouTube about our new Scheduler

Why should I set up my flows on a schedule? Using this feature will allow you to rest easily, knowing that your flow actions won't execute on weekends, Holidays, or any other undesirable days of the week. You'll also find that setting up a specific window of time may be helpful if you want to ensure your leads are getting your messages at the most optimal time of day for their schedule. This may potentially lead to greater open rates and/or replies if you know your lead well enough. 

What happens with my existing flows? 

If you have any current flows, the system will automatically set your flow actions to go out on any day of the week. This means that any contact already in your cadence will continue on their current schedule. However, if you wish to update those flows for contacts added going forward, you can do this for each Global Flow from within their settings. 

Custom Flows - Scheduler when enabling the flow.

With the release of the scheduler, we have also included in My Clients - Contact - Adding a Flow. This new feature allows the user to choose if a flow should “Start Immediately” or be "scheduled for the future". For future settings, we allow the user to choose which date and time the flow is to begin for that contact.
Please note:
Time zone is defaulted to the current time zone based upon the user's web browser.
Please note #2
: choosing "Immediately" will process the first action in the flow right away as it does NOT depend on the Flow scheduler settings.

Action Scheduling Help text

With the new scheduling feature, we have also included information on your actions in a case where changes occur in your schedule.

Extension Scheduler Updates

We have also added the scheduling option for our CRM extensions. Please check out the provided links to learn more:

Import  - Scheduler for Flows

Like custom flows, shown above, we have also added the Scheduler to the Import function of the My Clients page. This new feature allows the user to choose if a flow should “Start Immediately” or "schedule for the future" upon importing contacts. For future settings, we allow the user to choose which date and time the flow will begin. 

Find Leads Updates

In our new version, we have added in help text for Company Name, Person Name, and Job Title. We have added in options so the user can use “Quotes” for specific word searches in order to further narrow results.

We have added in a “Count” for the amount of leads, based upon your search criteria.

If you have any questions about these updates, please access your Cliently account and click on the RED help button to contact us. You can also access our help documentation in the FAQ section of our home page, under Resources. 

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