Focus: The focus of this public FAQ/Self Help guide is to provide you an overview and details on the Cliently Dashboard

What is the Dashboard?: The dashboard is a high level overview of what is happening in your Cliently account. It can be used to view your engagements via actions, flows and individual contacts. Options are provided to complete tasks and to view your timeline to track all actions and events in your account.

Why does the Dashboard look different than the reset of Cliently?: While we can continue to build out our 2.0, we didn't want our clients to have to wait to be able to use those new features (such as the new Dashboard).  We've created an experience that will allow you to use our new 2.0 pages seamlessly with our 1.0 pages.  As we add/update, new pages will continue to replace our existing 1.0 interface.

Step 1: Overview and Navigation

Step 1-A: Profile Access (top right side profile icon) This icon is designed to provide you access to the following pages:

  • Account Settings
  • Teams & Permissions
  • Billing
  • Integrations
  • Custom Fields
  • Logout

Step 1-B: Left side Navigation, here you can navigate to other parts of Cliently

Navigate to the various sections as follows:

Contacts (Click here to learn more)

Deals (Click here to learn more)

Flows (Click here to learn more)

Tasks (Click here to learn more)

Find Leads (Click here to learn more)

Step 2: Filter by  We have two filter options on the dashboard for Owner/Admin/Manager roles and one filter option for Team Members.


  • Filter by DATE (Last 7 days shown by default, you can click on the from/to date fields to change)
  • Filter by USER (including the ability to view data for ALL USERS in a team workspace)

Team Member

  • Filter by DATE (Last 7 days shown by default, you can click on the from/to date fields to change)
  • Will only see their own data

Step 3: Workspace/team access and switcher  If you are using multiple workspaces/teams, you can access your workspaces/teams and view Dashboard data for each. If you change workspaces/teams on the Dashboard and then go into other sections of Cliently, it will take you into the requested page/section for the last viewed workspace/team. Please note: If you have “disabled” workspaces in V1, they will NOT show up in this workspace switcher. 

To re-enable a workspace, go to: Settings > Team members and flip the switch to on (green)*

*this requires Owner/Admin/Manager permissions. Team Members cannot enable/disable workspaces.

Step 4: Engagement Overview In this section we show the total number of contacts for given date range/user filter and the percent of those contacts who have had a positive engaged with your content. Positive engagement activities include:

  • Multiple opens
  • Replies
  • Links clicked
  • Video watched
  • Phone call disposition > Demo Booked

Please note: Any of the following phrases are excluded from replies and are not calculated as engagement:

  • “unsubscribe me”
  • “spam”
  • “take me off your list”
  • “remove me from your list”
  • “remove me”
  • “not interested”

Step 5: Action Analytics Action analytics shows you a count of all actions from flows and instant actions based on the filter set (date range and/or user)

  • Hover over each action type to view a count of that action.
  • Click to drill down to more analytics data for each action. We show you a breakdown by status. 

Step 6: Timeline  Timeline shows a running history of all events for the account (based on your Dashboard filter settings). Time shown is based upon your web browser/computer timezone settings.  This includes details for each action and all events/statuses associated to that action.

   Event/status types per action captured in timeline:

  • Email: Opened, Replied, Link Clicked
  • Video Message: Opened, Replied, Link Clicked, Video Opened, Video Watched
  • Postcards: Mailed, In Transit, Local Area, Processed, Delivered, Returned, Re-routed.
  • Gift Cards: Mailed, Delivered
  • Handwritten Notes: Mailed
  • Phone Call Tasks: Booked, Call Back, Left Message, Bad Number, No interest
  • LinkedIn Tasks: Completed
  • Other tasks: Completed


  • Instances of the same event type for a single are grouped together and have a round indicator with a number inside. 
  • The number indicates the count of that event/status type.
  • Example a circle with a 2 beside “Reply” means there are two replies for that action
  • Click to view a list of the replies 
  • Use the expander () to view the full reply

   Up to date information:   

  • The timeline auto-refreshes once every minute to show any new activity. 
  • When your mouse is hovered over the timeline, it will not auto-refresh. You will then see a “click to refresh” button at the top. You can click this button to force the timeline to refresh.
  • Click the “more” button    on each action to see the original action detail.
  • Please keep in mind that status/event data for postcards, gift cards and handwritten notes rely on 3rd party tracking events sent to us from their APIs and we have no control of the accuracy of this data (USPS, etc)

Step 7: Top Performing Flows Here we show you the 3 top performing flows in the currently active workspace/team (based on your Dashboard filter settings). You can view this list by engagement % or engagement #. Choose % or # by selecting either “sort by” option in the dropdown.

Top performing flows are sorted as follows:

  • First by highest engagement %/#
  • If engagement %/# is 0, the list is sorted by highest number of active contacts
  • If your flows have 0 active contacts, the list is sorted alphabetically a-z

Engaged is calculated based on email, video message and phone task engagement events including:

  • Replies
  • Links Clicked
  • Video Opened
  • Video Watched
  • Multiple Opens
  • Phone Call Task disposition > Booked

Not interested is calculated based on email, video message and phone task engagement events including:

  • Unsubscribe
  • Phone Call Task disposition > Not Interested
  • Replies using the following key phrases:
  • “unsubscribe me”
  • “spam”
  • “take me off your list”
  • “remove me from your list”
  • “remove me”
  • “not interested”

Step 8: Tasks Due Today You can view and complete today’s tasks by clicking on the gray check-mark . When you click to complete, you’ll have an opportunity to leave a note and confirm task complete. Phone call tasks require you to choose a call disposition from the following list:

  • Demo/Appointment Booked
  • Call Connected - Not Interested
  • Call Connected - Call Back
  • Left Voicemail
  • Wrong/Invalid Phone Number

*Owner/Admin/Manager can Filter can see all team member tasks due today, or filter by team member. Owner/Admin/Manager cannot complete tasks for other team members.

Example of how to complete a Phone Call task:

Step 9: Hot Leads Hot Leads shows the most engaged leads based on email and video engagement #s (based on your Dashboard filter settings) including:

  • Replies
  • Multiple Opens
  • Link Clicks
  • Videos watched
  • Incoming (Emails captured there were sent to your Email Inbox outside of Cliently)

Pro-Tip Things to Note: Opens/View may register additional opens due to the following reasons:

  • Server Scans: Some servers check emails and links as a security measure to verify that no malicious content is being passed on to the recipient. Our tracking can not differentiate between a server opening a link or an actual person.
  • Repeated Opens: Each time a user views an email will count as an additional open. 
  • Forwarded Message: If a user forwards an email, views may count each time the forward recipient(s) open the message, not just the first time as it is viewed. 

*Owner/Admin/Manager can Filter can see all team member tasks due today, or filter by team member. Owner/Admin/Manager cannot complete tasks for other team members.

Step 10: Accessing Deal/Contact card from name link. In the Hot Leads, Tasks Due Today and Timeline, you can click on the contact name to load up the Contact Information. Here you can review the contact and company fields, add/update a flow, complete a task, add company notes and use Instant action to engage your clients.

Example Deal/Contact card:

Accessing on Mobile Devices: Please note our Dashboard page is available on mobile devices to review while on the go!

Example Dashboard on a Tablet: 

Example Dashboard on an Iphone/Android phone:

Need Help? If you need any help with using Dashboard please login to your Cliently Account and click on the red “Help/Chat” icon found on the bottom right side of your account.

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