Focus: The focus of this public FAQ/Self Help guide is to provide you an overview and details for Cliently Flows, updating content, and showing that reflected content on your contact (assigned) flows.

Which actions can I update on Global Flows to be updated on contact (assigned) flows? The following actions can be updated: Email, Video Message, Handwritten Notes, Postcards, Tasks, Gifts.

Will turning off my Global Flow stop the flow for any contacts currently engaged?
**Please note: Turning off a Global Flow does NOT turn off the Flow for contacts that have already been assigned to that flow and activated. This includes any leads added directly to a flow, any leads imported and added directly to a flow, or manually entered and manually added to a flow that has been activated.**

However, please keep in mind that flows can always be manually disengaged for individual contacts on the Deals page. This can be done from within their contact card. 

Will adding new actions to my global flows be updated for contact (assigned flows)? We do not support adding new actions to global flows to be updated across contact (assigned flows).

Will moving (rearranging the order) actions on my global flows be updated for contact (assigned flows)? We do not support moving (rearranging the order) of actions to global flows to be updated across contact (assigned flows).

Will deleting actions on my global flows be updated for contact (assigned flows)? We do not support removing actions on Global flows to be updated across contact (assigned flows).

Will updating the global flows - flow settings are updated for the contact (assigned flows)? We do not support updating Global flows settings to be updated across contact (assigned flows).

Contact level - Flow Actions, already completed?: Please note, if your action has been processed, sent, completed, etc.. Updating at the global level will NOT update on the contact flow level.

What are Cliently Flows?: A flow is a list of items based upon “actions” that were added. For Example: Send email, wait 1 day, Send Video message, wait 2 days, Send postcard. (Per Action) Email, etc…
Learn more about using Cliently flows by checking out our overview.

Step 1: Find your global flow to update. Click on Flows on the left side of the Cliently, use the drop-down box to find the flow you wish to update.

Step 1-B: Update your action content.  Next, you want to make any edits to each action you wish to update. Click on the blue “Save” button to update your content.

In this example, we have updated the content of an existing email action message.

Step 2: Update Action - Confirmation box. Once you save the updated action, you will be presented with 3 (three) options for your updated content.

  1. Do NOT update pending actions in assigned flows.

  2. Update # pending actions across active flows only.

  3. Update # pending actions across all assigned flows, both active and paused.

Be sure to click on the yellow button “Update” to continue. 

Step 3: Contact view - Example showing an update. If you have updated your global flow's content and chosen the option to update your contact's flows, you can now review that contact, finding the action you updated. You will see a blue notification for a reminder about the update.

Step 4: Cliently Integrations - Updates to your Global flows will also affect your contacts and their flows that are being used in the Cliently Integrations. Click here to learn more about Salesforce, Hubspot, pipedrive integrations with Cliently. 


Throttled actions (via import) - Please note if you have throttled actions in your account, you will not be able to use this flow updater. Throttled are processed actions that cannot be changed.

Need Help? If you need any help with Cliently Flows - updating content en masse to contact flows, please log in to your Cliently Account and click on the red “Help/Chat” icon found on the bottom right side of your account.

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