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December 2019 - Cliently launches V2 Contacts
December 2019 - Cliently launches V2 Contacts

Learn more about the new Contacts 2.0 presented by Cliently

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Hello, from everyone at Cliently.

We're so excited to let you know that we are now launching the new Contacts 2.0 for all of our Cliently Users!

Why the new User interface? As Cliently continues to add to our feature set, it was time for a new design that would support the robust system we are continuing to update and build. Not only does this new 2.0 version provide a new clean look, but this will also scale, and vastly improve the UI/UX of the application.

Why two versions of the User interface? While we're working to build out more of our 2.0 updates, we didn't want our clients to have to wait to be able to use the new features we've already created - like the new Dashboard. We've now created an experience that will allow you to use our new 2.0 pages seamlessly with our 1.0 pages.  As we add/update, new pages will continue to replace our existing 1.0 interface.

What is the new Contacts page?:  "Contacts" is designed to provide you with a list layout of all the contacts/leads you have in your Cliently account. Here you can see important information about each contact by hovering over the column information!

Updates to our Web version 1.0.
We have also made some changes to our web 1.0 version. We have modified the left side navigation. We've included the new "Contacts" page. We've also changed the name of "My Clients" to "Deals" and updated our icons.

If you have any questions about these updates, please access your Cliently account and click on the RED help button to contact us. You can also access our help documentation in the FAQ section of our home page, under the Resources tab. 

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