Focus: The focus of this public FAQ/Self Help guide is to provide you with an overview and details of using custom fields for your contact and company field data.

What is a Custom Field?: A custom field is a unique item that can be added to your Cliently account to add to the Contact and Company default fields that Cliently provides.

Setup for individual teams/workspaces: Custom fields are unique to each team/workspace in your account. Once they have been created, any member of the workspace can utilize these fields in their import process or outgoing messages.    

Which team member permissions has access to Custom fields to allow to create and delete?… Owners, Administrators and Managers have access to add/delete custom fields. Users with the role of Team Member can only use the custom fields created in the workspace and add/update information on their contacts/deals. They will not have access to edit, delete, or add custom fields to the account workspace.

Can Custom fields be used with Tokens? Absolutely! Check out the steps below for more information.

Can I use Custom field as tokens in my signature? At this time we do not have options to use custom field tokens for the signature setup.

Can Custom fields be populated with an imported contact? Yes, any custom fields created in the account workspace will be available during the import process, as soon as the fields have been created in the account settings. Scroll down for more information.

Will Custom fields be exported to my CSV? No. At this time, we do not allow custom fields to be exported. We are working on this for a future release.

Step 1: Access your specific team/workspaces. From the left side navigation, click on your company icon and select the team/workspace you wish to add the custom field(s) to.

From the Dashboard/Contacts:

Step 2: Access Custom Field setup. Next, we want to access Custom Fields. To do this, you’ll need to click on the cog icon in the lower left corner of your screen or click your avatar in the top right corner of your screen to get to your account settings. Then click on “Custom Fields”.

From the Dashboard/Contacts:

Step 3: Creation of a custom field steps.

Step 3-A: Selecting category of field: Company or Contact 

  1. Contact - Custom fields that will show under the Contact fields for the contact/deal.
  2. Company - Custom fields that will show under the Company fields for the contact/deal.

Step 3-B: “+Add” button Use the +Add button to begin the creation of the custom field.

Step 3-C: Field types. This section is very important. When you create these custom fields, you will need to designate what type of data will be used for that field. For Cliently custom fields, we have three (3) options: 

  1. Text: Use a text field to enter any alphanumeric text string, including special characters. Example: Microsoft Windows 10.
  2. Date: Use a date field type to enter dates. Example: 10/12/2019, or October 12, 2019.
  3. Numeric: Use the numeric field type to enter number-only data. Example: 1420

In the following example, we will create a Contact category field, with the Text field type.

Step 3-D: Field Naming. It’s time to type in the name of the field. Be as specific as possible so you and your team always know what this field is used for. Once done, click on the yellow “Save” button to save the custom field you’ve created.
In the following example: The field “Operating System Used” has been created.

Example of custom field created:

Now this custom field can be used for your contacts/leads.

Step 4: Accessing Deal records and adding data to custom fields manually. Once your fields have been added, you can access your “Deal” contact records and you will see your new custom fields. Click “+Add” to bring up the field editor to type in your field data. You can now type in the data for this new field and click on the blue “check-mark” to save it for this specific contact or company.

Step 5: Using tokens with custom field data in the Cliently web app. Tokens are a great time saver and can be added in your global flows and custom Deal-Contact flows. Custom fields can be used as tokens to auto-populate your data for flows. Click here to learn more about tokens.

Once your custom fields have been added, you can use your new custom fields as tokens anywhere that tokens can be used. Here is an example of custom fields being used as tokens for a global flow.

Step 6: Using tokens with custom field data in the Cliently extensions. You can also use custom fields for tokens in the following extensions with Cliently. Salesforce, Hubspot and pipedrive. Please note: In order to populate these fields you must open the contact record in the Cliently Web app to add the data. Our team is working on updating this in the future.  Example shown using custom token sin the Salesforce extension:

Step 7: Custom fields in Imported files. Once the fields have been added, you can also use those new fields to populate in Cliently when importing your own data. Custom fields will show at the bottom of the selectable fields dropdown, when mapping your CSV fields, during the import process. Click here to learn more about imports.

Step 8: Custom fields to be used in the Cliently Zapier Integration. Once you have your custom fields setup, you can also use them in Zapier integration setup for Triggers (to use custom field data to be sent to another CRM) or Actions (Sent data from CRM’s into your Cliently contacts). Click here to learn more…

Step 9: Deleting of custom fields. At any time, you can also delete any custom fields you have created. Please note that his will cause all associated data to be deleted from your workspace for all of your account users. Are you sure you want to delete your custom field? This deletion is PERMANENT, we do not have an option to restore deleted fields and the data that resided in them.

Step 10: Using Custom fields in order to filter contacts. By going to the “Contacts” page, then using Filters, you can now filter your contacts by the use of Custom fields. Click here to learn more  about using contact filtering. Please note: At this time, we do not support Custom Field - "Date types" for filter searches.

Need Help? If you need any help with using “Custom Fields” please log in to your Cliently account and click on the red “Help/Chat” icon, found on the bottom right side of your account.

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