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What is Inbox In Motion?
What is Inbox In Motion?

Learn more on how to setup and create your marketing animated image.

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Focus: The focus of this public FAQ/Self Help guide is to provide you an overview and details about Inbox In Motion.

What is Inbox In Motion:  Inbox in Motion is a dynamic way to send emails that look like a live chat right inside your inbox.

How can I use Inbox in Motion with Cliently?: Inbox in Motion can be used with Cliently by adding your downloaded animated GIF directly into any email action. You can then add a hyperlink to go with your call to action.  You could use a calendar link, an article, or any other link.

Step 1: Access Inbox in Motion Lets get you access to start creating your first animated image. Click on the Inbox In Motion icon on the left side of the screen.

Step 2: Add your Avatar. First, let's add your personal avatar to add professionalism to your message. Move your mouse cursor of the grey person icon and click on the red “+” to add your image.

Step 2-A: Adding in image. Drag a file or click on the red button “Choose file” to add your images. Please note:  We accept: .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, .GIF file types for images.
We recommend a size of 50(H) X 50(W).

Step 2-B: Saving the image: Click the red “Upload” button to save the image. 

Step 3: Using the editor and adding more bubbles. Next, click inside of the box and type in some text. Click on the “+” button to add a new bubble.

Step 4: Color Settings. Next, let's go through the color options we have for each settings for your Inbox In Motion. You have the ability to select with your mouse the color or use HEX codes to use that specific color. Options for colors as follows: 

Step 4-A: Bubble Background  Click on the color button to modify the color of the bubble background. Default color is set to “Grey” - HEX #: #F4F7FC

Step 4-B: Bubble Text Click on the color button to modify the color of the text “inside” of bubbles. Default color is set to “Black” - HEX #: #000000

Step 4-C: “Loading” Dots Click on the color button to modify the color of the “loading dots”. This can be seen in the preview. Default color is set to “Cliently-Red” - HEX #: #F16187

Step 4-D: Button Background Click on the color button to modify the color of the “button background”. Default color is set to “Cliently-Red” - HEX #: #F16187

Step 4-E: Button Text Click on the color button to modify the color of the button text. Default color is set to “White” - HEX #: #FFFFFF

Step 5: Total Counts. Once you have created your Inbox In Motion, you will notice the Total counts at the bottom be updated with information. It includes, amount of characters (includes spaces), number of bubbles used, and full loading time of the animated image you created.

Step 6: Preview Use the Preview option to review your bubble/button colors and settings. It’s a great way to check out your Inbox in Motion, before downloading it.

Step 7: Download Once you are ready, click on the download button. 

Step 7-A: Example of the download complete and access to the file on your computer.

Step 8: Reset When you use the reset option this will remove your avatar, bubbles, buttons and text you have created and it will “reset” your Settings as described in Step 3.

Step 9: Using your animated images for your Cliently campaigns… Once you have downloaded the animated images to your computer, you can add these to your Cliently flows or instant actions, then hyperlink them to make them engage able with a call to action.

To hyperlink your image. Place your mouse cursor to the right of the image. HOLD down your mouse button, move left over the image. The image will be selected and highlighted. Then click on the hyperlink button to display the link field. Be sure to include “http://” in front of your address.  Example:”

Be sure to click the blue “save” button when done.

Example of adding an Inbox In Motion animated image and hyperlinking:

Step 10: Clicked analytics. Once your recipients click on the image, “links” will be tracked in Cliently to let you know the animated image was clicked and will be added to the engagement score found on the Dashboard and Contacts page.

Please Note: Though there are no specific cutoffs for line limit or character limit in this beta, you may find the image file may be too large when uploading into the app, as there are set limits to image upload sizes. For this reason, you may want to test your email message containing your text before using it in your active flows. Additionally, if the image is cut off when uploaded in your flow email, this is the version your recipients will see. You'll need to revisit your message and make it shorter in this case -  then upload again into your flow. 

Need Help? If you need any help with using Inbox In Motion please login to your Cliently Account and click on the red “Help/Chat” icon found on the bottom right side of your account.

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