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January 2020 - Part 2 - Cliently launches - Bulk Add to Flow
January 2020 - Part 2 - Cliently launches - Bulk Add to Flow
Learn more about Bulk Add to Flow and other updates by Cliently
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Hello, from everyone at Cliently.

We're so excited to let you know that we are now launching Bulk Add to Flow and other some other updates for all Cliently Users.

Bulk Add to flow

We now offer the options to add to bulk - Add to flow for your contacts.
Found on our new  Contacts page, you can select unlimited contacts and add to a flow all at one time.
Check more out on our Contacts FAQ, Step 7 - 

Inbox in Motion

What is Inbox In Motion:  Inbox in Motion is a dynamic way to send emails that look like a live chat right inside your inbox. This service is free with all Cliently Subscriptions.

How can I use Inbox in Motion with Cliently?: Inbox in Motion can be used with Cliently by adding your downloaded animated GIF directly into an instant action email.  You can then add a hyperlink to go with your call to action.  You could use a calendar link, an article, or any other link.

Check out our detailed FAQ that covers Inbox In Motion and how to user it:  

 If you have any questions about these updates, please access your Cliently account and click on the RED help button to contact us. You can also access our help documentation in the FAQ section of our home page, under the Resources tab.

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