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What should I do before I start sending my Flows out?
What should I do before I start sending my Flows out?

Signed up? Ready to start your outreach? Here are some helpful steps to get you started on the right track.

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Ok. You've signed up. Maybe you've onboarded with the Customer Success team. Maybe you're ready to go NOW because you need to start seeing results. So what do you do first, to ensure it all runs smoothly? 

1. Fill in your Account Settings - click your avatar bubble to gain access:

Be sure to visit your settings to get your Avatar and Logo images uploaded. These images not only personalize your account, but they will also go out with your Video Message actions. These images can make your video messages look that much more personalized and professional.

Next, let's take a look at your phone number listed. This will also go out with your video message, so be sure that it's correct and formatted correctly for your contacts. 

Now let's get your Signature filled in. You can try copying and pasting your existing signature here (though spacing and alignment may not always match up) or feel free to build it from scratch, using the font toolbar available. You can create hyperlinks and upload images and GIF's into your signature using our tools. 

Don't forget to add your custom fields. This will allow you to bring in lead data from Imported files or manually entered leads that may be pertinent to your campaigns but may differ from Cliently's default fields. Once created, these fields can be used in your outgoing subject lines and messages for your Flows or Instant Actions. 

2. Integrate your email:

Make sure your email is connected before you send your emails. It can always be done after your leads are added, but it'll make things much simpler if your account is already connected.

3. Complete your Flows:

Don't put the horse before the cart. Get your campaigns created first! On the Flows page, be sure you have EVERYTHING done for your messaging. This means {tokens} are correct, {MySignature} is attached at the end of ALL of your email-based actions, your video is recorded and saved, your postcard images fit, etc. This will save you time and stress from remembering to edit something later or shutting off flows in a hurry because you forgot to add that extra email on Day 7. Once your flow is polished and ready to go, publish it.

4. Import your lead lists:

Need to import your contacts? Once your flow is done, you'll just visit the Deals page. From there, you'll select the Import button to begin this process.

Imported your contacts BEFORE your flow was done? No problem - just visit the Real-time View page, locate your contacts by using filters (like "date added"), bulk select the list, click the Engage+ button, and add them to your new flow.

... and you're off!

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