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Flow Sending limits
Flow Sending limits

Learn how to setup your account with sending limits to limit Flow emails/video messages sent per day.

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Focus: The focus of this public FAQ/Self Help guide is to provide you an overview and details about using sending limits to limit the number of Flow emails/video messages sent per day. 

What are Sending Limits?: To keep systems healthy and accounts safe, Cliently offers limits to the number of email messages users can send per day. If you exceed an email sending limit, you will see the email and/or video message action with a message attached, reading "Daily Server Limit Reached".

Why would I want to set up my own sending limits for Cliently?: Setting up sending limits is a good way to add in a safeguard to protect your email account and/or company domain from sending out too many emails at one time. Without this in place, you may find that your ISP address or domain has been flagged as Spam and may result in an otherwise inordinate amount of Bounces when sending your messages. All Cliently users have the ability to control the number of flow-based emails that can be sent in one 24-hour period from their account.

For new accounts and existing accounts - By default your limitation will be set to 200. However, you are welcome to update this at any time by accessing your Account Settings and visiting the Team Members tab. 

What is the maximum number of emails allowed to be sent through Cliently with this new limit system in place? 2,000 per day. We do suggest you contact your email provider/domain administrator for any additional limitation information regarding your own inbox sending threshold.

Which user permissions can set sending limits for all users in my Workspace? Owners and Administrators will be the only users who will have access to this feature. Essentially, any users in the account who currently have access to the “Team members/Workspaces” section in your Cliently settings. 

Can each user set their own sending limits? Yes, but it cannot exceed the number that has been set for the entire workspace/team as a whole. To increase this number for your team, your Owner or Administrators can do so in the Account Settings for your workspace. 

Are Instant Actions - Email and Video Messages included in the send limit?  No, this will only include Flow-based messages. We didn’t want to include these as part of your sending limit as that would restrict you from being able to send these to your contacts. 

How will my flow be rescheduled if I reach my sending limit, per the 24 hour period? The action that did not send, due to sending limits, will be sent out in the soonest schedule per your flow calendar settings.

Step 1: Workspace/Team Setup. The first step is to go to Settings > Team Members and locate the section for Workspace Security. Here, you can set the maximum number of emails to be sent per day for all users in the account.

Please note: If you have multiple workspaces or teams you will need to review and update for each.

Step 2: User setup. Next, go to Settings > Account Settings and review your individual account sending limits. This number can not exceed the number input in the Workspace Security section.

Step 2-A: Now review your sending limit and set your personal maximum. 

Step 2-B: Timezone setup and how this affects sending limits. During this process, you will also need to set your timezone - this will NOT automatically be set to your personal timezone and must be chosen here from the dropdown provided. This setting determines the timezone for daily (24-hour) sending limits, for tracking only. 

By Default, this will be set to “(UTC+00:00) Coordinated Universal Time-TC”. Once you’ve selected your timezone, scroll down on your screen to click on the blue save button.

Step 3: Contact - Flow Review - Actions that were rescheduled due to sending limits. If you do have any actions that did not send due to “sending limits”, you will see this inside of the deal card for the contact. It will be located in their personal flow, on the right side of their opened card. You will find the “DAILY SEND LIMIT REACHED” text under the flow action that has been delayed. Along with the red text, the screen will display an “I” icon to let you know the next expected delivery date for this action.


Some of my contacts have the message “Daily Send Limit Reached”, but the DUE time is not set correctly per my flow schedule, why?  - This is likely due to the incorrect timezone settings for your account send limit. Please be sure to visit your Settings > Account Settings > Workspace Security and change this to your actual timezone as soon as possible.

Need Help? If you need any help with using email sending limits for flow actions please log in to your Cliently Account and click on the red “Help/Chat” icon found on the bottom right side of your screen.

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