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March 2020 - Cliently launches Contact Filtering
March 2020 - Cliently launches Contact Filtering

Learn more about contact filtering

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Hello, from everyone at Cliently.

We're so excited to let you know we have made updates to our Contacts page for all Cliently account holders.

Contact Filters

What are filters?:  Filters are a way to search for contacts by a granular method; examples include: by engagement, use of flows, status of flows and much more.  With the use of filters, you can find your contacts very quickly and then bookmark those filters to be used at a later time.

Cliently now offers 17 different filters to find your Contacts quickly and then engage those with a Global Flow. Top level folders include  Contact, Deal, Company and Custom Fields. 

Filter Folders now include:
Contact - 12 filters
Deal - 3 filters
Company - 2 filters
Custom Fields -  Contact and Company custom fields, Text/Number types supported.

Ability to bookmark/copy URL to use your filters again quickly.

We also provide the ability to save your filters and share with your team members to use in the future.

Access our FAQ for more details regarding this feature here:

If you have any questions about these updates, please access your Cliently account and click on the RED help button to contact us. You can also access our help documentation in the FAQ section of our home page, under the Resources tab.  

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