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How do I delete individual contacts or groups of contacts from my account?
How do I delete individual contacts or groups of contacts from my account?

Learn more about how to delete your contacts in Cliently.

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Focus: The focus of this public FAQ/Self Help guide is to provide you with an overview and details on how to delete contacts via the Real-time View page of your account.

Why delete?: Perhaps a contact’s data is no longer needed (bounced/failed) and you would prefer to permanently remove them from your account and subsequent analytics. This process will allow you to do this and “reset” your analytics to only show for your viable contacts.

Can I restore my deleted contacts?: No, it is not possible to restore contacts once deleted. Please be sure to export before deleting any contacts to ensure that their information is not permanently removed. Please Note: Exporting does not hold onto a contact’s flow history, analytics, etc. Exported data will only show their Contact and Company data fields, flow name, stage, and pipeline.

What happens to my active campaigns when I delete contacts? If any existing campaigns/flows were enabled before the deletion, those flows will be stopped and removed from Cliently for the contact(s) who are removed.

What happens to my analytical/statistical information when I delete contacts? Contacts are directly tied to this data in Cliently. When you delete contacts this information will be removed as well. This will impact your Dashboard Action Analytics, Top Performing Flows, Hot Leads and Global Timelines.

When I delete a contact that has gone through a global flow, will the global flow analytics remain? Yes, Cliently keeps the analytical information of global flows on the Flows page. It will continue to show top level analytics for the entire flow and individual analytics for each action event of that specific flow.

Whats happens to my “Deals” when I delete my contacts? Any Deals associated with those contacts would remain in your account, however any timeline information associated in those Deals would be removed.

Step 1: Access Contacts and make your selection(s). On the Real-time View screen, select multiple contacts by checking “all” or select individual contacts via their avatar to the left of their name. Then click on the ellipsis “...” for the “Delete” option.

Step 2: Review contact information. Next, you will see a window that provides information regarding the contact(s) who have been selected. If you approve of this selection, you will then click the red “NEXT” button to continue.

Step 3: Confirm and delete contacts. The last step is to confirm your action. You will check the circle, shown next to the confirmation text, in order to move forward with your selection. You can then click on the red “DELETE” button to finalize this process.

Your contact(s) have now been successfully deleted.

Step 4: Verify your Global Flow analytical information for deleted contacts. If you delete a contact who was attached to a global flow, that analytical information will remain - even after the contact has been removed from your database.

Need Help? If you need any help with using Real-time View - deleting contacts, please login to your Cliently Account and click on the red “Help/Chat” icon found on the bottom right side of your account.

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