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How do I add contacts/leads to my Flows?
How do I add contacts/leads to my Flows?
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Once you've created a flow, you'll need to determine what leads/contacts you intend to send it to. After you've ensured that you've finished your account setup (by adding your Signature and integrating your email under your Account Settings) and your flow is 100% completed and published on the Flows page of your account, you can then begin adding leads/contacts to your flow(s). This can be done via the following methods:

  1. Manually inputting contacts into your account via the Dashboard and Real-time View pages and then manually them adding to your flow - for assistance with this process:

  2. If you've imported your Leads or if they already exist in your account, you can use filters on the Real-time View page to locate your list and then mass engage with the "bulk add to flow" option:

With your contacts added to your flow, you should begin seeing your Dashboard and Real-time View pages come alive with data. For more information on these pages, be sure to check out our articles on this topic:

Need Help? If you need any help with adding your leads/contacts to your flows, please log in to your Cliently Account and click on the red “Help/Chat” icon found on the bottom right side of your account.

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