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How can I use bulk engagement to manage my Contacts?
How can I use bulk engagement to manage my Contacts?

Learn how to engage your contacts with campaigns on the Real-time View.

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Focus: The focus of this public FAQ/Self Help guide is to provide you an overview and details on how to bulk engage your contacts in Cliently.

How does bulk engage help you with your contacts?: Bulk Engagement allows you to save time by selecting groups of contacts, based on specific parameters using filters and recipes, and adding them directly to the flow of your choosing. This feature also allows you to stop a flow for a group of contacts, or to delete groups of contacts who may no longer be viable. Please keep in mind that deletion is permanent and all data attached to that contact will also be removed, including all timeline history.

Contact ownership controls how flow actions are processed.

This means that any user who is an Owner, an Administrator, or a Manager role can log in with their own credentials and send flows to leads who belong to other Contact Owners in their workspace. When this is done, those flow actions will come from that Owner and not the user logged in at that time. This can be beneficial for teams who are using a default email address across their account for engagement, but the users only have access to their own login credentials. This can be done from within the Cliently app as well as from the CRM extensions available for Pipedrive, Salesforce, and Hubspot.

Please note: Instant Actions will always be sent from the integrated email address for the user logged in at that time. Lead Ownership does NOT impact Instant Actions as it does for Flows.

Step 1: Add to flow/campaign - Multiple contacts. From the Real-time View page, you can use the checkbox, located next to the Name column header, to select all contacts within your list view. Another option would be to custom select specific contacts by clicking the avatar to the left of their name. Once your list is checked, you can then use the red “Engage +” button, that appears at the top of your list, to begin the process. Click here to review about creating your first global flow.

Step 2: Review contacts selected and select a flow. In our first step, we will review contacts that have been selected. If any of your contacts selected are “already in an existing flow”, “archived” or “unsubscribed”, Cliently will let you know about those contacts and provide you with the option to include them or leave them out when assigning a flow. The default option here will be ‘No’, so you’ll only need to click the slider here to toggle to select ‘Yes’ if you wish to include any of these contacts.

Choosing a flow:

Step 3: Review your existing flows to choose from. This pop-up will give you the chance to review your existing flows that have been published/turned on. For each flow available, it will also provide the number of actions in the flow, the number of days over which the flow takes place, and the captured overall engagement percentage thus far. This value is calculated by the number of engagements for the entire length of the flow’s existence in your account. You’ll also find that you have access to “Shared Flows” that your workspace team members have created and made public.

Step 4: Campaign Summary Review. Here, you can review the overall settings for the flow selected. These settings include the engagement settings and flow schedule, based upon the Global flow settings. Under “Contacts” you will notice the number of selected contacts will be displayed here. Please note, it will also show any selected contacts who have previously “unsubscribed”, but added to this list to receive the new flow.

Pro Tip: You can also use this as an opportunity to customize these settings for just this group of contacts. Any custom edits made will only impact the flow for this selected group and will not change the original flow’s settings created at the time of being authored.

Step 4-A: Flow Settings Review. These are the engagement and schedule settings that were selected when the flow was created. Here, you can review and customize the “stop workflow engagement” and “unsubscribe” settings options for this selected group of contacts.

Step 4-B: Flow Schedule Review. This section will allow you to view and edit your days, time-frame, and ‘exclude U.S. Holidays’ selections from your flow’s original settings.

Step 5: When should your Flow start? Our next step is to review how to select when the flow should start for your selected contacts.

Step 5-A: Options for send later. This option will allow you to choose a specific day, month, and time to start the flow/campaign for your selected contacts.

Step 5-B: What would you like the first action of your flow to do? Should it Adhere to the flow schedule and only execute the first action of your flow based specifically on those pre-set selections? Or should it Ignore schedule and send first action based specifically on the new day, month, and time selections you’ve just made - even if it falls outside of your schedule settings? Keep in mind that this only impacts the first action of your flow. All subsequent steps of your flow will stick to your flow’s set schedule.

Step 6: Start campaign. The final step is to review and confirm you are satisfied with your selections and that you’re ready to assign your flow to the selected contacts. If so, you will click the red “Yes” button to finalize this process.

Congratulations! You have now successfully added contacts to your Flow in Cliently.

Need Help? If you need any help with using Bulk engagement with your Contacts, please log in to your Cliently Account and click on the red “Help/Chat” icon found on the bottom right side of your account.

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