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November 2020 Release
November 2020 Release

Learn more about adding contacts and deals and new ways to track your deals.

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Hello, from the Cliently Team!

We're so excited to let you know we have made some significant updates to our application. Let's go through and break down the important changes.

+ Add Contacts and + Add Deals

This new feature now allows you to more easily add your contacts and/or companies to your account, from any 2.0 (Dashboard and Real-time View) page in the app. This option also gives you the ability to add to existing Companies and Deals as well. You'll also find that Contacts and Companies are now two separate entities. This means you can now add Contacts OR Companies to more than one deal when needed.

Deals Updated

As a previous hub for all of your data, you'll now find this page has been dedicated solely to actual Deals. This means that contact/companies added, going forward, will no longer automatically show here. Only once they have become a true Deal for you and your team, and tagged/added as such, will they now show on this page. This new feature will not update any of your previously added data so it will still exist here, though it may not be considered a "Deal".

Contact Cards Updated

You'll now see that upon accessing your Contact Cards, on the Real-time View screen, that we have updated the information and fields shown here. It will now show contact information, company information, contact owner, and Deal information.

Also included in this update is the ability for your contacts to be assigned to more than 1 deal at a time. Additionally, any notes made in the contact's cards have now been changed to only add the note for the specific contact, and are no longer connected to the company record.

Deals Page Cards Updated

  1. Contact names no longer show on the face of these cards. Only the names of the Deals. This is due to the decoupling of the Deal, Contact, and Company data.

  2. Stage headers no longer summarize and break down the number of Companies and Leads. This will now only account for the number of Deals located in that Stage at any given time.

  3. You will no longer have the ability to “add new” clients via the Deals page. This will now be done via the +Add New button seen on the Dashboard and Real-time View pages.

  4. Updates to the search on the Deals page for contact names, company names, or contact email addresses will take you to the new contact card view when clicked on.

  5. Updates to the Timeline, located in the top right corner of the Deals screen, will now take you to the new contact card view when the contact's name is clicked on.

  6. When viewing the Deals page, icons have been removed from the card view. This was related to contacts who were manually added or imported (Cliently C logo icon) versus those purchased (cityscape icon).

Zapier - Updates and allows Custom Fields

Here are the major changes you will see:

1. In the new version we no longer require pipeline/stage as we are no longer creating “Deals” automatically when they are added into Cliently. You can still use the same setup as before, but it's up to you.

2. In the new version we have also developed the ability to use Cliently custom fields in the Zaps setups. This can be used to send and receive custom field data.

If you have any questions about these updates, please access your Cliently account and click on the RED help button to contact us. You can also access our help documentation in the FAQ section of our home page, under the Resources tab.

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