Flow Settings

Manage your flow settings, flow schedule and name your flow

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Flow Name

You can edit the flow name by typing into the flow name field. You can also open the flow settings view to change the name of your flow at any time. Make sure you "save" before closing.

Flow Settings

You can manage the triggers that stop a flow as well as the days/times flow activities are sent.

Stop Triggers

  • Email Replies: If a lead replies to your flow email, stop the flow.

  • Email Bounces: If a lead email address is not valid/responds with an error

  • Email Auto - Replies: If a lead auto-replies to your email sent through Cliently. i.e. Vacation reminders, etc.

Flow Stopped Indicator:

You will see a message as to why the flow has been stopped on the contact view flow sidebar as well as on the RTV page by hovering over the current status in "Flow Status" column.

Alias Email Addresses:

If a lead replies from an "alias" email address, (ie. an email address NOT listed in Cliently for this contact), we may not be able to detect the reply and stop their Flow. We recommend double-checking a lead's Flow Status to make if their flow has stopped. If for any reason the Flow was not stopped, you can open the lead card and stop it manually.

Flow Schedule

Use the Flow Schedule to set your Flow to send outbound messages only on specific days/times. You can set your schedule to send 24/7, or you can set your schedule to only send on weekdays during business hours (or any schedule that you prefer).

You also have the ability to:

  • Set your Timezone

  • Exclude US holidays

Default Settings:

  • Your current web browser/computer time zone will be assumed for timezone setting

  • Exclude US holidays will be deselected (your outbound messages will be sent on US holidays by default)

  • Your outbound messages may be sent 7 days of the week, 24 hours a day

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