Why and how to use the Spintax feature

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Spintax, which is an abbreviation for "Spin Syntax", is a list of words, phrases, or sentences separated by a pipe character (|) that will randomly insert different language into your automated campaigns.

Each group of keywords is enclosed inside square brackets ([]) with the spintax: preceding the group of piped content:

[spintax: my first option | my second option | my third option | my fourth option]

The Spintax parser picks a random word, phrase or sentence from the available choices and generates unique sentences for each email.

Why is this helpful in marketing?

When you use identical content on many emails, the emails are often flagged as SPAM and could even cause your email domain to end up blacklisted.

This feature will help increase your email deliverability and decrease the chances that your email ends up in the SPAM folder of your recipient, or blocked entirely.

Note: You can also use Cliently tokens in a Spintax string.

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